You can buy everything — weapons, drugs and even slaves: what is a darknet and how it works (photo)

Despite the fact that the so-called darknet has existed since the 90s, many Internet users still know very little about it. There are legends about the “dark side” of the network that here you can find all the most forbidden things that you could not even think about. Partly, in fact, it is. Moreover, as the “FACTS” were convinced, it is not difficult to find the most forbidden. The author of these lines spent only an hour on the darknet, but managed to visit several of the largest online stores selling drugs and weapons, saw ads for the sale of child pornography and hiring killers. But about everything in order.

What is a darknet

— It is impossible to enter the darknet using a regular browser, — says Alexey, an employee of the cyber police (he asked not to specify his last name in the publication). — There are special browsers for this purpose. The most popular among them is Tor. It is not difficult to find links to it on the Internet. Installing it on your computer is even easier. Moreover, this can be done even if, say, there is a ban on installing programs on your computer without administrator permission.

Tor allows you to bypass any blocking. For example, some social networks are banned in Ukraine. So, for Tor, these prohibitions do not exist. However, if you have a fast Internet, it will be much slower on the Darknet.

Tor browser allows you to hide your real IP for special services. That’s why such permissiveness reigns on the dark side of the Internet. Here you can buy and sell absolutely everything. And completely anonymous. The program creates a chain of IP addresses, some of which are provided by darknet users themselves. Not everyone agrees to give the address of their computer, but there is still no shortage of IP addresses. Information about the user passes from one computer to another, and as a result, it is virtually impossible to determine the real address of the person who visited the darknet.