90% of illegal content on the darknet is the sale of drugs

“FACTS” managed to communicate with a person who knows a lot about the darknet, and considers himself a researcher. The man asked to be called Pavel, for obvious reasons, not wanting to specify his last name.

— I will make a reservation right away, I do not commit any illegal actions on the network. My research on the darknet is purely cognitive in nature,” my interlocutor admitted. — I find various “interesting” sites and forums, register there, try to communicate with other participants.

By the way, you need to communicate with the participants of the “dark Internet” very carefully.

Otherwise, you can easily scare off your interlocutor. In addition, you may be banned, that is, kicked out of the forum without the possibility of re-registration. The fact is that there is an unspoken rule in the darknet: no one can ask clarifying questions that could give at least some information about the participants of the closed forum. You yourself, if you want, can say anything about yourself. That’s your business. But if someone asks you a question: “Where are you from? Maybe we’ll talk in real life?” — you immediately need to inform the site administrator that a “rat” may have started here. Someone, no matter, a cop or someone else, is trying to find out something from you about your personal life and calls to communicate outside the Internet – this is a danger signal.

As far as I was able to find out, 90% of illegal content on the darknet is drug sales. You can buy everything. From the usual “weed” to heavy exotic drugs. The largest online stores selling drugs and psychotropic substances are Medusa and Hydra. There are a lot of other online stores. But you need to look for them longer and you can’t always be sure that you won’t run into scammers.