Kalashnikov assault rifle can be sent by mail

And how to get the goods and at the same time not to light up your location?

— If you make a deal in a little-known online store, then you do it at your own risk. If in such as “Hydra”, “Medusa” and in a number of similar ones, you can not be afraid. In any case, there are always some numbers next to the seller’s nickname that indicate his reputation. Buyers also often leave comments: should I contact this businessman or not.

Drugs are usually delivered via a bookmark. To do this, you need to have a courier in your city or nearby. But it happens that the goods also come by mail.

— But if by mail, then you need to specify your address. Can we forget about anonymity then?

— Everything is based on trust. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to buy. In one of the online drug stores there was such an ad: “We do not check, store or transfer your data anywhere. You can order at least for a homeless person, a neighbor, and so on, no difference. The order will go exactly to the data you specified. An order with blank data for delivery will be ignored. And you don’t need to write here: “Are you working? Will you deliver it?“ We are working and we will deliver. We are serious.”

— Really, seriously. That is, it’s so easy to order by mail, for example, cocaine or a Kalashnikov assault rifle?

— You enter the darknet anonymously. Therefore, there is no need to ask sellers unnecessary questions. Just about the case. And the Kalashnikov assault rifle, too, by the way, can be sent by mail. Packaging is negotiated separately.

— And how much is AK worth in the Darknet now?

— For two thousand euros, you can buy a brand-new Kalash and plus 90 rounds of ammunition for it. European or Israeli weapons are more expensive — from 2,500 euros. By the way, weapons make up 5% of those sold on the darknet.

— 90% – drugs, 5% weapons. And what else can you buy?

— Documents, for example. Passport of a citizen of any country. A rough fake will cost about 35 euros. But you can also order an “almost real” biometric passport, with your fingerprints. The cost depends on the country. The most expensive — passports of a US citizen — can be purchased for 7 thousand dollars.